I am currently a Ph.D. student at Computer Science Department of University of Southern California I am a member of SoftArch Lab in USC.

I got my B.Sc. degree from Sharif University of Technolog. I studied Computer Engineering,Information Technology. You can take a look at my academic page at Sharif University.

Research & Work

My main interest lies in the field of software engineering and fields related to it. I enjoy designing and implementation of software systems, specially ubiquitous, conext-aware systems.
Currently, I am working on new ways to preserve privacy in Internet of Things

About Me


My main research interests are:

I am currently a member of SoftArch Lab in USC. I study on software architectures in mobile applications under supervision of Prof.Nenad Medvidovic.
I was a member of SAMT(Services and Applications of Mobile Technology) in Sharif University of Tech, I worked on Providing Software As a Service Solutions for Corporations and people.


I have working experience in 3 different corporations. I have worked on web based systems(online educational system), Mobile appications and information systems.

About Me


I am a computer geek and videogame lover. I spent most of my time around my computer, boards and my XBOX :). I am always trying to learn new stuff about computers and software, specially in the area of Internet and web, cloud, mobiles and information systems.

When I am not around my laptop or XBOX, I really enjoy reading, I specially like french and russian novels.

I also enjoy playing sports. My favorites are football, swimming and ping-pong

I like to participate in social acitivities and doing extra-curriculum activities to benefit the societies that I am a part of.

Projects And Activities

Below are some of my projects and activities I like to
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Yahoo! Mail: roohy7 [at]